Welcome: Why i am here.

This is my first post and I must admit i’m a bit nervous. As a graduate student, I spend so much time absorbing the thoughts and theories of others that I often forget to dedicate time to write down my own perspectives. Yes, science and theories MATTER, but so does emotion and meaning. What is all this for if I can’t feel anything; if I can’t feel anyone.

So this is an ode to me. A dedication to myself to be a fierce learning of self-reflection. Looking myself in the mirror makes me nervous but i’m excited about my journey. I want to reconnect with myself so that I may better connect with people.

This page is for me and no one else. This is my hideaway from the research jargon and public health interventions that consume much of my mind. We are breaking grammar rules, imploring artistic freedom, and writing down anything that makes my heart feel good. This is my safe haven.